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Why Eat Avocados?

Growing up I remember avocados being a staple in our household. However, I didn't find the taste to be appealing at all. Now, some decades later, I love it! I put it in smoothies, make guacamole, puddings, chocolate avocado mousse, avocado sandwiches with lettuce, sea salt, drizzled with a little olive oil and dried herbs....voila! There is so much that can be done with this yummy fruit and it takes very little creativity. Not to mention there are many health benefits in eating this creamy delicious fruit of nature.


There are over 500 varieties of avocados. While they have a high caloric count (one avocado is about 320 calories), it is worth eating due to the abundance of vitamins and "healthy fats" it contains. One avocado provides vitamin C, A, K, B6, B5, potassium, magnesium, folate, carotenoids, lutein, and dietary fiber. Perhaps the biggest health benefit of eating avocados is that it aids in the absorption of nutrients from fat-soluble fiber sources like vegetables. It is also known to improve eye health, regulate blood sugar, lower cholesterol and reduce signs of aging. At one point there was controversy surrounding the fat content, but avocados have high amounts of monounsaturated fat, the "good fat."


Who says you can't obtain "protein" from a plantbased diet? Avocados is one fruit that provides all 18 essential amino acids necessary to form a complete protein in the body. Because of the fiber it contains, avocados is readily absorbed, unlike the protein in steak which is difficult to digest by most people.


The avocado is the perfect food to consume daily to help promote a healthy pregnancy. It helps to rid morning sickness, nausea and leg cramping to name a few. More importantly, avocados are packed with folate for developing baby and is very crucial in the early development of the fetus. Low folate levels are linked to neural tube disorders and spina bifida.

It is also a great first food option when introducing your little one to food. It can easily be mashed or blended with other first foods like bananas and pears and has a hint of sweet taste of its own.

If I have not yet convinced you to incorporate avocados as a part of your diet on a regular, then maybe the fact of peace of mind will. You can buy non-organic avocados and feel relatively safe because they are low on the contamination scale that the Environmental Working Group provided in the dirty dozen fruits and vegetables. If you are trying to minimize your animal protein intake, a vegetarian or vegan looking to boost your level of protein, avocados are a great nutritional food to include as a regular part of your diet.

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