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Forbidden Rice/ Black Rice Volcano Lunch For the Kids

So awhile ago I was in the kitchen for quite some time thinking of what to prepare for lunch for the family. Finally, I decided to make some falafel wraps. I cooked all the contents for the wrap but knowing that my children can be picky eaters I asked my 7 year old daughter what, out of what I prepared, would she would like to eat? The conversation went like this:

Me: What do you want for lunch? (showing all what I made) 7yr Old Daughter: Ummm can we try something different today? Me: Ugh, this is all we have right now. 7yr Old: Well, can you make me a black rice volcano, with the salsa as rocks around it, with lava coming out and falafel crumbs on top. Those can be the limestones. Me: 😱 😕 😍....Ok, I got this. Both of My Girls: (Excited and cleans plates)

Remember that each day is filled with teachable moments for not just the kids but for us parents as well. For our children, we want to make sure to teach lessons they will remember for years to come. We make it a priority to look for as many of these moments as we possibly can. Prior to this day we learned about volcanos and in the end build one and had my daughter do a report. We try our best to be creative and really paint a picture in our children's minds of the lesson that we are teaching them in our homeschooling. It warmed my heart to know that our 7 year old is not only learning, but retaining the information that we are teaching her. To see her use her imagination to recreate the lesson that she has been taught previously in her own little way to make lunch she might have found boring, a little enticing now was wonderful. Second to getting the children involved in cooking, is obliging them in their creative input on how they would like their meal put together. If it will get them to eat; great! Sometimes I wonder, are we teaching them, or are they teaching us. We had a great day and we hope that you have the same. Always remember that many teachable moments pass us daily. We should all try our best to capture as many of these as possible.

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