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Ginger Root (Powerful Remedy for Colds & Other Ailments)

Ginger root is one of the most versatile roots available today. It is used as an added ingredient in many cooked and raw food dishes as well as fresh pressed juices and soups. Not only is it great as an added ingredient, this root can be dried and blended in to powder. Ginger has traditionally and historically been used for aiding in the healing and recovery of many disorders and ailments. In some cases just a piece alone placed in the mouth and chewed can provide instant relief.

So you wake up one morning feeling a slight sore throat. You know what's to come but can't afford to get sick right now. You can't take time off of work, don't want to get the kids sick and're just not up to dealing with the pain and uncomfortableness. First you're sneezing, then the sniffling and coughing follow soon after. You take your usual over the counter meds to rid the symptoms that progress as the day goes on. Then another dose later and maybe another over the counter drug and within a couple of weeks you're back to normal.

We've all gone through this sometime in our life. However, what if there was a way to stop a cold dead in its track? What if you could in some way be cleared of it in a few days or so?

As children growing up in a Caribbean household, we were often given ginger tea when sick. We never questioned how it helped. We just consumed it and knew it worked...and it did. When we felt something similar to cold symptoms coming on, we would drink this tea a few times a day for a few days until it was gone. Fast forward to today, we still apply it at the early onset of a cold even with our children. Now, the moment they feel sick they'll say, "I need some tea" or ask "Can I have some ginger?".

What are the Benefits?

While this potent root vegetable is very rich in spice and makes a great addition to many culinary dishes, ginger is known for its effectiveness in ridding many illnesses. It possesses antibacterial properties and aids in boosting the immune system. Here is a list of what it's most commonly used for:


Digestive issues


Reduces Fever

Lowers Cholesterol

Eases coughs

Aids in lowering blood pressure

Stimulates the circulatory system

Treats respiratory conditions

Alleviates pain

Relieves gas

No Time For Tea?

If you feel a sore throat coming on but you're short on time and can't make tea, cut a piece of ginger root, peel it and pop it into your mouth. Chew on it little by little (remember it's spicy). Do this throughout the day for a few days even if your symptoms subside. A slicer is a cool way to cut the ginger. Bagging these thin slivers in a ziploc bag is great for when you have a busy day or when you're not home. The children will even find it pretty neat. Now, Mine will ask for a piece to eat out of what I have prepared to make dinner.

Do you have a special go-to tea for when you feel under the weather? What is your favorite?

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