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Vegan Tip: Freezing Your Spelt Pancakes

When it comes to the mornings it can be quite busy. We live in a microwave society where everything is literally at your finger tips in no time and food on the road is readily available within minutes. So for a person just THINKING about transitioning to a plant based lifestyle it can seem a little daunting knowing that this option isn't greatly available for them. Especially when they have children and usually they're passing through a breakfast joint or sliding through McDonalds for some pancakes and eggs. Many have begun transitioning and find this disappointing and even stressful. Luckily, more and more places are adding plant based options to their menus. However, this still doesn't help your wallet.

The main thing is to making your plant based lifestyle as simple as you can. Spelt pancakes are amongst our children's favorite things to eat. Forget about eating it only at breakfast time, if they could eat it for lunch and dinner too they would. I have yet to come across a package of spelt flapjacks in the markets' freezers so we have to find other ways to cut corners and save time. If you or your children love pancakes like our children do, here's what you do:

Cook in Bulk

Cook your pancakes as you normally would but make in bulk. Make sure you're doing this when you have more time.

Let Them Cool

Allow for them to sit and cool.

Wrap in Saram Wrap

Wrap each one in Saram wrap. Don't use a lot. Just enough to keep them separated for the next step.

Wrap in Foil

Take a few at a time and wrap again in foil.

Store in Freezer

Place in freezer as is or put in a ziploc bag.

When you're ready to eat unwrap and place in the toaster oven to warm up. Doing it this way has saved us lots of time. It has made it convenient enough for even our 7 year old to heat up some pancakes for her and her little sister. This can also be done with waffles and baking goods such as muffins, brownies etc. Hope this helps in making your journey a little easier.

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