Jamaican Jerk Jackfruit

Ripe Jackfruit (Not recommended for this recipe)

Ripe jackfruit is great for consuming alone, adding as an ingredient in smoothies and drinks, making sorbets, and any other application that requires a sweet and fruity flavor. Ripe jackfruit does not have the texture required to successfully make the jerk chicken alternative that is shown in the picture above.

Below is a picture of the ripe yellow fruit and seeds. The seeds can be boiled and consumed as well. Below are pictures of mature Jackfruit and how the fruit and seeds look once removed from the skin.

Young jackfruit has a great texture for meat substitute recipes. You can find this item at your local west Indian, Mexican, or Oriental grocery stores. Fresh is always the best. However, if you are pressed for time, then you can always find young jackfruit in the can. Simply check with your local markets to find out who carries this product, or

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Preparing Jackfruit

Rinse thoroughly and place pieces on cutting board. If the top of the triangular pieces are hard, simply cut them off and discard. Use your fork to press down 1/3 of the way and pull the jackfruit apart to create small strips.


4 Cans young jackfruit

1 Bunch scallion

1/2 Purple onion

1/2 Bunch fresh thyme

1 Cup of our Jerk Sauce (or to taste)


1/4 Cup of mild jerk sauce

from your local supplier mixed with 1/2

cup of spring water.


Pull apart jackfruit pieces using a fork to look like the picture above.

Chop up your ingredients except for the thyme.

Combine Jackfruit and jerk sauce in large bowl and mix well.

Add remaining ingredients and mix again.

Cover bowl and let soak in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

For best results, let it set overnight.

Set stove to med-high and add grapeseed oil to the frying pan.

Add Jackfruit mix to pan and stir mixture for about 5 minutes.

Cover and let cook until most of the water has evaporated (approx. 15-25 min)