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Does Bigger Mean Better? A Closer Look At The Vividmoo ZM-1525 Cold Press Juicer With Large Feed Chute. Recipe Included

Juicing has become a popular trend for health enthusiasts and anyone looking to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet.

With so many juicers on the market, it can be challenging to find the perfect one for your needs.

Today, we will be getting familiar with the Vividmoo ZM-1525 Cold Press Juicer to see if it's worth your investment.

We will cover everything from unboxing and setup to performance and tips for optimal use.

Unboxing the Vividmoo ZM-1525

Alright guys, welcome back to the channel. Today, we're unboxing the Vividmoo ZM-1525 Cold Press Juicer.

The packaging is secure, ensuring all components arrive in perfect condition. Inside the box, we find the juicer itself,  juice and pulp catchers, and a user manual.

The initial impression of the juicer's design is positive; it's sleek, lightweight, and compact, making it easy to move around the kitchen.

Assembly and Setup

Setting up the Vividmoo ZM-1525 is straightforward. The user manual provides clear instructions, making the assembly process quick and hassle-free. Here are some tips for a smooth setup:

1. Clean All Parts:

Disassemble and wash all parts with warm, soapy water before use. This ensures any manufacturing residues are removed.

2. Assemble Correctly:

Follow the manual to assemble the juicer. Ensure all parts fit snugly, especially the juice release screw, which controls the flow of juice.

3. Initial Run:

Run the juicer for a few seconds without any produce to ensure everything is working correctly.

Features and Specifications

The Vividmoo ZM-1525 Cold Press Juicer comes packed with features that make juicing a breeze:

- Large Feed Chute:

Allows for larger pieces of fruits and vegetables, reducing prep time.

- Juice Release Mechanism:

A handy feature that lets you control the flow of juice, perfect for preventing spills.

- Quiet Operation:

The juicer operates at a low noise level, making it suitable for morning routines without waking the household.

- Durable Build:

Made with high-quality materials, this juicer promises longevity and durability.

Hands-On Test

We put the Vividmoo ZM-1525 through its paces with a variety of produce, including dino kale, dandelion, parsley, celery, cucumbers, apples, ginger, and even a scotch bonnet pepper for an extra kick.

Green Fire Recipe:

1 Bunches Kale

1 Bunch Dandelion

1 Bunch Green Chard

4 large cucumbers

3 3lb bags of organic green apples

1 pineapple

1 Bunch parsley

1 Bunch Cilantro

4-6 lemons

1 large celery stalk

1-2 lb ginger

1 scotch bonnet pepper


1)Clean all produce and cut pieces no larger than the length of your thumb.

2) Alternate between the type of produce you process to ensure a smooth experience juicing.

3) Disassemble and clean your juicer immediately.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of our experience:

- Leafy Greens:

The juicer struggled slightly with leafy greens, requiring them to be chopped into smaller pieces to avoid clogging. Despite the large feed chute, leafy greens should be cut up small to help the juicer process them more efficiently.

- Fruits and Vegetables:

It handled apples, cucumbers, and celery well, producing a smooth juice with high yield. Cucumbers, being water-rich, were particularly easy for the juicer to process.

- Ginger and Peppers:

These harder items were juiced efficiently, although it’s best to cut them into smaller chunks for optimal performance. The scotch bonnet pepper added a significant kick, making the juice not for the faint of heart.

Performance Analysis

The Vividmoo ZM-1525 excelled in several areas during our test:

- Juice Quality:

The juice was rich in color and flavor, indicating high nutrient retention. The dark, rich color of the juice was impressive.

- Yield:

We managed to extract a gallon and a half of juice from our produce, which is impressive. The juice stayed fresh and vibrant longer due to the slow auger mechanism.

- Ease of Use:

The juicer was easy to operate, and the juice release mechanism added convenience during the transfer process. The juicer did not overheat, even after processing a large amount of produce.

- Maintenance:

Cleaning the juicer was straightforward, thanks to its simple design and detachable parts. Adding citrus during juicing helped clean out the juicer and push everything through more effectively.

Pros and Cons


- Lightweight and easy to assemble

- High juice yield with rich flavor

- Quiet operation

- Convenient juice release mechanism


- Struggles with leafy greens; requires cutting produce into smaller pieces

- Initial assembly and cleaning can be time-consuming

Tips for Optimal Use

To get the most out of your Vividmoo ZM-1525, consider these tips:

- Chop Produce:

Cut leafy greens and hard vegetables into smaller pieces to prevent clogging and ensure smooth operation. Although the large feed chute is helpful, properly preparing produce can enhance performance.

- Clean Regularly:

Disassemble and clean the juicer immediately after use. This prolongs the juicer's lifespan and maintains performance. Be sure to spend a little more time cleaning your mesh attachment with the provided prush to ensure that all pulp residue has been removed.

- Alternate Produce:

When juicing leafy greens, alternate with juicier produce like cucumbers or apples to help push the greens through the juicer.

Final Verdict

The Vividmoo ZM-1525 Cold Press Juicer is a solid choice for anyone looking to start their juicing journey or upgrade their current juicer. Its lightweight design, high juice yield, and quiet operation make it a versatile and user-friendly appliance.

The large 3 inch feed chute gives this juicer the ability to process larger produce with less likelihood of clogging.

However, after seeing the performance of this machine, and despite the large feed chute and auger assembly, we still strongly recommend that you prep your produce prior to processing them through this juicer.

If you are in a rush, then you have the option to process your produce whole. However, you will get a smoother process and experience with preping before processing.

We actually recommend this for all slow auger juicers with similar builds to this one. The biggest advantage with the vividmoo ZM15-25 large auger and feed chute is that that your processing time will be faster than the smaller juicer's in this class and at this price point.

While it does require some prep work with leafy greens, the quality of juice and overall performance make it worth the effort. For those who value nutrient-rich, fresh juice, the Vividmoo ZM-1525 is a worthwhile investment.

Additional Resources

Interested in purchasing the Vividmoo ZM-1525? Check out our affiliate link here

Also, stay tuned for our upcoming video review on our YouTube channel

where we'll be going in depth into the juicer's performance and share more tips and tricks.

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Peace and love, and happy juicing!

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