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Carib Sunsations Plant Based Family Recipes Volume 1 offers over 70 easy to follow recipes for anyone looking to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their lifestyle. From main dishes, sides, juices, smoothies, spreads, and salads, this e-book covers them all. Whether you are attempting to cut out animal products from your diet completely, or simply looking to increase your plant based food intake, this is the book you've been looking for. Here you will also receive hyperlinks to products and kitchen tools that will make your plant based transition go smoothly. In the beginning of this book we give a brief introduction as to who the authors are and a bit of background into the their lives and events that lead to the lifestyle shift. Then it is straight to the recipes from this point to the end. The spices and flavors used in this e-book are heavily influenced by traditional Caribbean cuisine. Some of our favorite childhood recipes have been converted to plant based versions of the originals. Once you try one of the recipes in this e-book, you will be convinced that a plant based lifestyle is a lot easier than you thought prior. 


Plant Based Family Recipes Volume 1 Downloadable E-Book

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