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How to Make Sea Moss Gel

Sea moss is one of the most nutrient dense plants known to man. This seaweed is found in abundance close to the shore of the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Spectral analysis shows that it contains 15 of the 18 elements that comprise the human body. For a better understanding of the power of this plant we have outlined a few of the many benefits below.


Strengthens connective tissue and joints

Reduces swelling

Rich in sulfur and potassium chloride

Soothes the digestive track

Acts as a mild laxative

Rich in Iodine and trace minerals

Contains natural antimicrobial and antiviral agents

Plant based gelatin replacement

Combats eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, sunburn, and chapped skin when used topically

Promotes a healthy thyroid

Regulates the mucus membrane

Used as a thickener in smoothies, soups, and nut based milks

You can increase the nutrient content of your meals by including this high mineral nutritive. Preparing the seaweed in gel form is a way to make it easy for you to add it to your meals, sauces, homemade milks and smoothies.

*You will need a bowl, high speed blender, strainer and glass jar (for storage).


  • Raw Irish Moss/ Sea Moss

  • Water

First take about a hand full of sea moss and place it into your bowl. Let it soak overnight (it will swell more than twice its size).

Kiwi popsicle

Next, drain off the water and place sea moss into a strainer to wash. Use your hands to rub and move the moss around to make sure it is washed thoroughly. Then, place it into the blender and fill with water just over half the amount of sea moss for a thick consistency. If you desire a more watery consistency, fill the blender with water until it and the sea moss are at equal height.

Blend on high speed until the moss has become smooth. Scoop out into your glass jar for storage.

Place in fridge. It will become thicker after a few hours.

Scoop out the necessary amount needed for your recipes.

Finally, here is a table spoon of what it looks like after being refrigerated over night.

Make a comment below and tell us what are some of the things you've made with your sea moss.

Click the video below to see exactly how we prepare our sea moss gel.

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