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How to Make Chickpea (Garbanzo Bean) Flour at Home

In todays market we fine many flour options to choose from when you are trying to create and follow recipes despite the overwhelming convenience of just going out and purchasing the readily available wheat flour. Whether you are deep frying, baking or following any other recipe that requires flour, you should seriously consider making your own chickpea flour at home. This gluten free flour is very versatile and can be applied to almost all recipes that require wheat. Follow the instructions below to make your own chickpea flour.


3 cups of chickpeas

1/2 gallon spring water

Sea Salt (optional)

Dry Soaked Dehydrated Blended


Pour chickpeas into 64oz glass jar

Fill with spring water

Let soak overnight

Place large fine mesh strainer over sink

Pour chickpeas and water over mesh strainer

Rinse chickpeas thoroughly

Remove chickpeas with dark spots and holes

Allow to drain for 5 minutes

Spread chickpeas evenly over dehydrator tray

Set the temperature to 100 degrees

Set the dehydrating time to 16 hours

When finished, remove chickpeas and place in high speed blender

Blend on low speed and slowly increase over a 40 second period

Repeat this process twice

Use a sifter or strainer to process flour over a large glass bowl

Discard large pieces of chickpeas in sifter

Place chickpea flour in a dry 64oz glass jar

Cover with a BPA free lid

Store in your refrigerator or freezer until ready to use

Click below to watch video tutorial on how to make chickpea flour

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