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Dehydrated Fruit Snacks: Best Candy Alternative

Dehydrated Fruit Snacks

Benefits of Dehydrating

People have asked what's the point of dehydrating your fruits? Why not just eat them the way they are? As much as we love eating them as is dehydrating them still makes a great snack for our children while providing a long shelf life due to the water content being removed in the dehydration process. Dehydrated fruits can last months and even years if done properly.


◦ Slice fruits thick or thin according

to your preference.

◦ Place on dehydrator sheets.

◦ Set dehydrator to 115º and place

in dehydrator to remain for 24hrs.

*Note: Depending on how thick or thin you slice your fruits will determine how much time will be required to successfully dehydrate them.


You can either place the dehydrated fruits in a plastic bag or glass jar(recommended) in your cupboard or pantry. Once dehydrated, the fruits are a quick and easy snack that all children will enjoy.

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